Arriving in Philadelphia.

We arrived in Philadelphia this afternoon on our last time of using the Amtrak. Leaving Washington was quite tricky as the train left on a low platform so I had to get Faye, the bags and buggy up onto the train, that was a challenge.

We got a taxi from Philadelphia 30th St Station to our hotel The Cromwell Inn which is situated on the Temple University campus. It was $13 for about a ten minute drive.

We got checked in and unpacked and went out for a wander to see what was around. There is a 7 Eleven shop just around the corner so we stocked up on goodies and came back to the hotel.

We popped out for a quick dinner at Qdoba, which was a 5 minute walk away. Qdoba is like Subway but with Mexican food – but it was surprisingly tasty and only cost 12 bucks.

The hotel is lovely and rated well on trip advisor but at the moment I am unsure on the area. We are slightly outside the city centre but only a five minute walk from the train so it should be easy to access.

We’re now tucking into our 7.30 feast.




The Midnight (7pm) Feast.

To try and get a good nights rest, every week or so we have a ‘midnight feast’ at 7pm, luckily Faye cannot tell the time yet. In some of our hotel rooms we’ve had cable television and in the evenings on ABC Family they play Disney Movies so we sit down and watch a movie with our all our snacks. It’s a cheap, easy form of quiet entertainment to occupy Faye. It also means I can do a bit of research on the Internet whilst she’s tucking in.