I write this mainly for my Mum’s benefit who worries massively when we go away but since writing about our first trip I’ve realised this is a great way to track what we get up to and at the end of the trip I print it out to keep and Faye and I often re-read it all to discuss what we did and where we’ve been!

UPDATE – July 2017!
Faye is now 7 and on summer break so we have saved hard and decided to hit Bali and Singapore for 5 weeks before she goes back to school in September!

MAY 2013.

Hi, I’m Sally.

I am going travelling around the USA with my three year-old daughter Faye, we are away for three months – or until the money runs out!

We are travelling to Boston, New York, Washington, Philadelphia, Orlando, Miami, Florida Keys, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Minnesota.

This blog is by no means a guide of ‘how it’s done’; I am no expert and will no doubt make plenty of mistakes! This is simply a way of sharing my experience. I want to let you know how I did it, what worked, what didn’t work, as well as reviewing places we stayed and products that helped us along the way.

When telling friends and family about my trip, everyone was really happy for me, however there was always a BUT at the end of it. I get the impression that once you have children, it can be seen that you are to forget about yourself and focus on your children, which yes, is very true, but going on an adventure like this enables both you and your children to learn so much. I want my trip to empower others to see the world with their children and not feel as if their children stop them from seeing the world.

When I was developing my crazy idea to travel with my daughter I trawled through the internet and read lots of travel books to see if anyone had done something similar but I struggled to find much information and this lead me to believe it is perhaps not often done. I am hoping my blog can lend a hand to anyone planning a trip with their children, whether it’s a one week trip to France or a six month adventure across Asia, the concepts are universal and can be applied to any holiday. Backpacking can be for anyone and yes, even children!



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Have a great trip, we shall miss you both. Don’t worry we will not sublet the bedroom just yet!
    Lots of love Mum and Dad xxxx

  2. You’ll both have a fantastic time. I only see one problem Sally, how are you going to manage without haribo’s and chocolate for three months!! Love you. Mum xx

  3. Sally and Faye, we really enjoyed having you!! You are welcome back any time. Have a safe and fun trip! Hope you enjoy Disney as much as we do!!
    Mark, Vickie, Nick, Gabby and Bruschi Pugliese

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