MSP Airport.

We are currently waiting for our final flight back to London Heathrow.

We are at the airport in plenty of time. Our luggage has now doubled and I have a full 50lb suitcase as well as my backpack.

Firstly when dropping off our baggage (as I had checked in online last night) one suitcase was 4lbs over and one was 4lbs under so you would think, or maybe I thought, that they would just let the weight cancel itself out, but no! I had to take bits out of the heavier case and repackage them into the lighter case.

On the upside for us, Minneapolis St Paul airport has a family security lane so when going through the x ray machines, as Faye and I call them, we were allowed straight to the front and the security guys helped me lifting the stroller on and off and they even gave Faye stickers!

Once through security we had plenty of time to kill so we had a wander around the shops, it’s a pretty big airport with plenty of little shops. We had a bite to eat in Chilli’s – make sure you pick up a coupon brochure in the airport as you save money on children’s meals in most of the restaurants. Also in the brochure is a list of family friendly things to do at MSP airport. There is snoopy statues, a play area and arcades as well as a family centre and a feeding room.

We soon got bored of walking around the airport so we then decided to go and find the gate to sit down and to my surprise at our gate there are about 100 iPads setup free to use as well as hundreds of plug sockets for charging phones and electronics. So, as we had some time to kill I’ve been able to blog direct from the gate – how exciting!


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