As we are unfortunately nearing the end of our three month adventure I thought I’d review our luggage bags. It won’t be the most exciting read I know, but it may be useful!

Back in May we left the UK with one large backpack, one extra small rucksack and a stroller. You can tell I’ve been here a while as I’ve began to refer to my pushchair as a stroller – Americans don’t seem to know what a ‘pushchair’ is. Anyway, I purchased my backpack, surprisingly, from TK Maxx, also known as TJ Maxx in the States, no idea why. It is made by Trespass and was £55. It has three zip compartments and its best feature is that as well as being a backpack it also has two wheels and can be pulled along like a suitcase, giving me more flexibility when hauling it about. It’s lasted well over the three months with no damage occurring – I may regret saying this as I’ve got plenty of shopping to squeeze in for the flight home back to England. It’s pretty durable and all the zips are strong, also being in a dark navy blue helps as you can’t see the dirt where it’s been dragged on planes, trains and so on. It completely opens up which is useful as a conventional top opening rucksack may have been frustrating to get things in and out of everyday, as we are living out of the bag. We haven’t really been anywhere long enough to warrant unpacking it all.

Faye’s little rucksack, I ordered from the trusty for £25. It’s a Vaude Ayla 6. It also came with a cute dog in the side pouch. It is very much like an adult backpacking bag but a much smaller version – I got this because I wanted Faye to feel like she was backpacking like me to get her more excited and involved about her experience. Faye desperately wants to be 15 years older than she is (she even has a song about it) so I find that making her feel grown up with little touches like the backpack really helps her. The backpack, like mine, has lasted well, albeit a little smelly, but it goes through the washing machine easy enough. The light colouring of it shows dirt a lot easier so perhaps i could of got a darker colour, but hardly the end of the world. I use this bag as a day bag when we are out and about. Coming up to three months in and no problems as of yet!

Our backpacks…



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