Knott’s Berry Farm.

So we stayed at the Knott’s Berry Hotel for three nights and had one day at Knott’s Berry Farm and one day at Soak City.

Cost –
We got an ultimate bundle package which included the room, parking, breakfast and two days park tickets. This was just under $200 per person.

Hotel –
Room was fine, slightly small but not a big issue. Clean, good wifi – however you have to re-enter all the login details everyday. The room didn’t have a fridge or microwave which was a bit of an inconvenience. The hotel had ice machines but they never worked. On our first day when it came to showers it turned out our shower didn’t work so I rang reception and waited 15 minutes for someone to arrive to fix the shower. Slight inconvenience when we wanted to be ready early to get to the park. I also went to reception to see whether they had a microwave I could use to warm some milk for Faye – their response was no and they had no alternative suggestions. Not ideal I didn’t think when there must be hundreds of children coming here to stay. Not family friendly. The buffet breakfast they do is good. Plenty of it and it goes on until 11am, however on our first day down we were told it was a 30minute wait for a table which wasn’t great as we wanted to get to the theme park so we had to skip it. It wasn’t until the day after that that someone told us we could ring down and make reservations for breakfast to skip the queues.

Knott’s Berry Farm –
So we went to the theme park first. Open 10am-10pm. As soon as you go in you see Snoopy and Charlie Brown for photos. Lines are pretty short, nothing like Disney, may be because the characters don’t sign autograph books. We then went left through Ghost Town and started to get disheartened as everything we went past Faye couldn’t go on. If you’ve got young children, go in and head right towards Camp Snoopy. Since visiting Disney and going on their rides Faye has grown in confidence and loves it all now and wants to go on everything. Well here at Knott’s Berry she could not even go on half the rides.
So I think there were three rides that were slightly ‘thrilling’ that Faye and I could go on together, one of which was the log flume, then the rest of the things were round in Camp Snoopy. Camp Snoopy is great for younger children but all the adults do is stand and watch for 70% of them – its not something the family can enjoy together. There was a little rollacoster and Woodstock’s Airmail which Faye loved but the downside was that the rides were very short and only took around 8 children at once so the queues could take a while. By 4pm Faye had done every ride that she could go on.
It took us a while to find a schedule for the shows and the park map actually gives out some incorrect height information for some rides as well as not even putting some rides on the map.
Food was decent. Just your average burgers and chips but good portions and reasonable prices for a theme park, $14 for a burger and fries. Knott’s Berry also do the souvenir cups with free refills throughout the day, but I found them to be quite expensive at $16 each in comparison to San Diego Zoo and Disney World where they were around $10.
The Snoopy Unleashed Show on ice was really good but only on three times.

Soak City –
So this is the water park right next door. It is advertised as 22 rides but that is false and even the staff said so as well. It’s a very small water park and they let too many people in. The only ride Faye was allowed on was the lazy river out of all ’22’. It is not young child friendly. They also said Faye had to wear a life jacket in the lazy river which I didn’t agree with as she has armbands and is a confident swimmer plus i am with her the whole way. The lazy river doesn’t have child sized tubes like Disney so to Faye’s disappointment she had to sit on my lap. It was also not very ‘lazy’ as there was way too many people in and most where children running/swimming it rather than using the tubes.
A lot of the seating area is grass which doesn’t go well at a water park as it just gets all muddy. We stayed at Soak City for an hour and a half before returning back to the hotel to use the pool and hot tub there instead.

So I think you can gather I wasn’t impressed with Knott’s Berry Farm. I think if you have teenagers it’d be great or real youngsters the Camp Snoopy area is perfect. But Faye’s age group is really excluded and I also don’t agree with the fact that her ticket is the same as a teenagers when she can’t use half of the rides they can. I’m slightly gutted I didn’t do California’s Disneyland instead.



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