Miami Intl – San Diego.

What a bloody day! Sorry, it’s been long!

I’m not going to make out it was a disaster because it could of been worse but still it could of been better!

We checked out of the Miami hotel and got over to the airport to return the rental car and quickly and easily got checked in and through security. Once through security our flight kept getting delayed and our gate kept changing meaning we had to use the airport shuttle train three times to get to across the airport to different gates. Once they finally stuck to a gate more delays came up. My flight was not direct, I had to stop in Chicago then onto San Diego and the delays on the first leg meant I was going to miss the second leg. So I went to have a moan to the American Airlines agent and she put us on a direct flight to San Diego – bonus! But I had to wait another 90 minutes to board it – not impressed! So by the time we actually got on the plane we’d been at the airport 5 hours, bearing in mind it is a domestic flight in which the website says you only need to turn up half an hour before! The other downside was my luggage had to stay on the original delayed flight and go to Chicago and then San Diego – so I am now in my motel in San Diego, whilst my bag is still on an aeroplane somewhere!

On arrival I was told I could wait for it (3 hours – NO WAY) or it will be delivered to my hotel in ‘due course’. I was not best pleased when I was told this news, and when ‘discussing’ it with the AA representative they told me to ring a number to deal with it and I said how can i when my phone is out of battery and the charger is in my suitcase!

So we currently have no luggage… this ought to be fun!


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