The Hire Car.

We hired a car from Sixt located near Orlando Intl airport. They have a free shuttle bus from the airport terminals. We paid $25 a day for a three door automatic Toyota Yaris. It was fine for us three and two suitcases but we had to put our pushchair next to Faye, if you have more children you’d need a bigger car. The car was pretty new and in good condition. I made them do an inspection and take photos of the two scratches it had on it so I didn’t get the blame when I returned it.

I also paid $58 for an express toll pass as we are driving to Miami and down to the Keys were there are lots of tolls. It recognises the car by the number plate and is much speedier than cash tolls as you just keep driving straight through them and they also told me it is cheaper.

The reason I chose Sixt is because they did not charge me for being under 25. Pretty much all car hire companies make drivers under 25 pay a young drivers fee which can cost up to an extra $30 PER DAY. So you have to hunt around for the best deal.

Also I picked the car up in Orlando and will be returning it to Miami which makes it a one way rental. Some companies do charge extra for this and put mileage caps on so you have to read the small print!

To fill the tank it is $30!!!


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