Marathon to Key West.

So we’ve reached mile 0 and I’m exhausted and have to be up early for a boat trip so I’m going to try to keep this brief.

We left our hotel in Marathon early to get to Big Pine Key to visit the key deer refuge in which miniature deer roam around the roads. You want to drive SLOWLY up key deer blvd and keep you eyes ‘banana peeled’ as Faye would say, for the deer which walk along the side of the road. There is a visitors centre, but we couldn’t go in as it shuts at the weekend, but half way up key deer blvd on the left hand side is a few parking spaces and you can get out and wander around. We managed to see four deer. It said on the Internet to go early as they don’t like the heat.

We then backtracked to Mile 37, Bahia Honda Key, wow! This is a three mile park with beaches along as well as the old railway line. You can walk to the end of the line and look directly down at the drop into the clear blue sea. The beaches here are beautiful and warm. You can dip in the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico. After a few hours in the sea we jumped into the car and drive onto Key West to our next hotel which took around 45 minutes.

Here we’re staying at The Inn at Key West. It was £95 a night, the most expensive, but it seemed they all were expensive in Key West. The hotel was lovely and had a fab swimming pool and bar/cafe. Wifi, fridge, tv, DVD player, iron and two large double beds.

After having a swim at the hotel and before Faye shrivelled up completely from all the water we headed out into Key West. We went to the Southernmost Point and took some photos. Be prepared to queue here as its something like the 3rd most photographed place in the US. We then went to Mile 0 for a few snaps and then headed to our sunset boat ride where we were having dinner. We got the boat trip for $10 in with another boat trip we are doing tomorrow, we hadn’t planned it, we just did it as it was cheap. Normally it’s $60 a head. We had a nice two hours on there and the buffet dinner was okay but I wouldn’t have been impressed if I paid $60 for it.

Well that wasn’t brief…



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