West Palm Beach.

We left the Kissimmee area to head down to West Palm Beach. Before leaving Orlando we stopped in at the Florida Premium Outlet on Vineyard Avenue where we picked up some real bargains.

We then got in the car and drove 166 miles to our next hotel which is Hotel Biba. The drive was real easy as I was on one road (Florida Turnpike) for 138 miles! There’s lots of toll roads here and in the Miami area they have stopped accepting cash and so you have to have a Sun Pass to get through. At our car hire company we paid our tolls in advance which they told me was cheaper. I’ll find out at the end. To occupy Faye in the car we purchased a few cheap Disney CDs full of songs and stories.

On arrival at Hotel Biba (6.30pm) we dumped the bags and went straight out. We were recommended ‘City Place’ which is a outdoor shopping area with lots if bars, restaurants and live music. It was one mile from the hotel and a lively area to be in. We in fact went to the cinema there to watch Monsters University. Cinema tickets are slightly cheaper than in England, but the food inside is still a rip off so we snuck bits in from the supermarket!

Hotel Biba is a nice place. Looks like it does in the pictures. Has free wifi and breakfast and an outdoor swimming pool. The breakfast was good and the lady replenishing it told us to take as much as we wanted to take in our cool bag for the rest of the day. The same lady also lent Faye lots of toys and floats to play with in the swimming pool. The Rooms seem to be newly renovated. All decorated in clean fresh white. Has a quiet air con system which means you can have it on at night! We paid £49 for one night here and got two double beds. Nice hotel. Felt safe.


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