Florida City & The Everglades.

We’ve now come further down to Florida City, a 90 minute drive from West Palm Beach. Another straight forward route, and the hotel we are in is only 30 minutes from the highway.

We are staying in Florida City Travelodge for one night. Staff very helpful here and on arrival you are given a map with places on that you can get discount for as a Travelodge guest. We took full advantage of this and got 20% off our dinner. The hotel room has two double beds, safe, fridge and microwave. It’s slightly run down but didn’t put us off. Has outdoor swimming pool which is lovely and warm. All rooms have high speed wifi.

Great place to stay location wise a it is 20 minutes from the Everglades and 30 minutes from the north end of the Florida Keys.

Once we checked in we dumped the bags and went straight to the Everglades. We visited the Everglades Alligator Farm which was $40 for the three of us, under 4s go free. Here we saw a snake show, an alligator show and had a ride on an airboat over the swamps and to hunt for wild crocs. This is a great afternoon out. Both shows were great and Faye got to hold a a snake and a baby crocodile. The guy Travis who hosts them is pretty crazy and jumped on the back of a wild alligator. You can also see the alligators that they are breeding including lots of baby ones. There are snake, lizards, and a few other reptiles. The airboat was so much fun although very noisy even with air defenders on, and you do get wet. Great for all ages!



1 thought on “Florida City & The Everglades.

  1. Gotta love the alligators!

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