Disney Overall.

Favourite parks Epcot and Magic Kingdom

Favourite water park – Blizzard Beach

Favourite nighttime display Fantasmic at Hollywood studio

Favourite rides Tower of Terror (Hollywood), Splash Mountain (Magic Kingdom), Toy Storey Mania (Hollywood), Soarin (Epcot).

Best character encounter was at Magic Kingdom at Enchanted Tales with Belle as the children get involved with her and it lasts quite a while.

We did;
Four days at Magic Kingdom,
Two days at Blizzard Beach
One day at Typhoon Lagoon
One day at Animal Kingdom
One and a half days at Hollywood studios
Two days at Epcot
Then slept for a day

We ended up purchasing all our photopass photos on a CD for $169. We made the most of it and got the photographers to take as many pictures of us all as possible.

If you want to buy Disney gifts slightly cheaper there are hundreds of gift shops in the surrounding area selling all the Disney bumf at a cheaper price. A misting fan is $18 in the park and $7 in a gift shop.

Having a pushchair is VERY useful, even if your children are slightly older its useful to put the bags in.

Buy a cheap foldable cool bag and ziplock bags to take for drinks and snacks. We also put flannels in a ziplock bag with ice for a cool wipe half way through the day.

Don’t buy ice lollies they melt off the stick before you can eat them.

Turning up to a park about 10am is the worst/busiest time.

Allow an extra half hour to get to Magic Kingdom as you have to get the Monorail or a Ferryboat to the park from the parking lot.

Arrive at Animal Kingdom and the water parks early.

Between 12-3 go inside and eat or sit down. It’s crazy busy and boiling hot. If you eat then rather than in the evening you can get on the rides in half the time and in much more bearable temperatures.




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