We split Epcot into two days as we are struggling with the 8am starts now and tend to head out late morning. This park is open 9am-9pm, the world showcase section does not open until 11am and the Illuminations commence at 9pm.

One the first day we concentrated on the Future World section and managed to get it all done as well as having plenty of time for food. I’m not sure if it was because it was a Sunday, but we didn’t really have to queue for anything which was great! The worst queue we had was for the Test Track in the evening which took around 45 minutes, but was well worth it.

Seasons was one of the best counter service places we’ve found in Disney so far. It is situated in the Land where Soarin is. It has a much greater variety of food and made a change from just chicken and ribs.

Soarin is a ride to recommend. It is a simulated machine in which you are in a hang glider flying over California. Faye loved it. But it’s not for people who don’t like heights! Get Fastpasses early in the day for this as they sell out quickly and it’s normally well over 60minutes in the standby queue.

The second day we focused on the world showcase. We had picked out a few characters we wanted to meet and tried to time it around them. Here we met Mulan in China, Snow White in Germany and Alice in the UK. We were not able to view any of these characters elsewhere which is why we made time to see them. Be at the character signing a minimum of 15 minutes before to get in line otherwise you could be waiting nearly an hour to meet them. Japan was our favourite country. It has a large shop where you can buy pearls and all sorts of authentic Japanese things. Faye purchased a fan and they wrote her name on it in Japanese which was a nice touch. There was also a candy artist who made animals out of sugar, corn flour and water which was pretty impressive. She made Faye a giraffe. The French pastry shop looked very tasty but we already had dinner reservations! To see all the shows in all the countries it’d probably take two days. We picked and chose what we could fit in. A lot of the restaurant looked lovely, especially the one in Mexico but you can only eat so many times in one day!

A good character sighting at Epcot is in future world. It is on the way to the seas with Nemo ride and we walked straight in with no queue and met Mickey, Minnie and Pluto. Minnie and Mickey are in their classic outfits. Faye has now met Minnie and Mickey at all four parks.

We watched the Illuminations on the first night on the bridge between England and France and got a good view. You’ve got to be there a minimum of 30 minutes prior to get an unobstructed view. The second night we ate in the Rose and Crown in the UK and watched it from there – you need to ask to sit outside. The Rose and Crown cost between $20-$30 for a main meal and $9 for a children’s meal which consisted of a main meal, desert and a drink. The children’s meal are for under 9s only. Whilst the food at the Rose and Crown was nice, I thought the portions were quite small for the money. Their signature dish is fish and chips.



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