Animal Kingdom.

So we’ve now done the Animal Kingdom too. Wow it’s going quick. We got up bright and early to be there in time for opening, as we’d been advised by some Disney expert friends and headed straight to Africa, well Disney’s Africa, for the Kilimanjaro Safari. A lot of other people had the same idea of going to the safari first so we put Faye and all the bags in the buggy and darted through the crowds of people to the back of the park to find it. We got on board the jeep by 9.45 (30min wait) and were lucky enough to see lots of animals. The idea is the earlier you go the more likely you are to see more animals due to the heat.
Now as this was another early start Faye was quite cranky so we wanted her to see some of her favourite animals (giraffes and elephants) to give her a boost and luckily enough we did. We saw loads, giraffes, elephants, hippos, rhinos, crocodiles, ostriches, flamingos, gazelles and more. It lasts a good 15 minutes and the driver gave a good tour and knew a lot about the animals. Faye was thrilled as we got very close to a giraffe, literally only a couple of feet away.

After safari we then swiftly headed back down to Camp Minnie Mickey to see some characters and get a few autographs – long queues here, but there was a man with a guitar in the area who was making up songs about people in the crowd which was quite entertaining.

We then hit the 11.30am showing of the Lion King Festival which is a must see half an hour show. We got great seats but that was because we accidentally went in the disabled line without realising and got let in before the main crowd – ooops! Be there 30minutes before the show starts.

We got fastpasses for both Kali Rapids and Dinosaur. Kali Rapids is quite a short ride and one person in the circular raft gets soaked so be prepared, they provide free lockers for your stuff whilst you ride though. Dinosaur is an inside ride and Faye HATED it, I don’t blame her as I had my eyes shut for most of it too. It’s very dark and jumpy.

Other shows to see are Finding Nemo the musical – same storyline but great show. It’s Tough to be a Bug – 3d show. Quite jumpy for small children but good fun. Not much queuing for either of these. Good for a break from the sun.

Animal Kingdom is a lot more shaded than Magic Kingdom which is better when it is hot. We ate at the Flame Tree Barbecue – good value counter service, cheaper than Magic Kingdom. Fed us three for $33. Ribs/pork/chicken/salad.

Faye had her face painted here which was very expensive I thought at $15 and in the heat it just melts off, so I’d avoid that.

The Jammin Jungle Parade was really good – includes all usual Disney suspects, but they wear Safari attire.

Meet Minnie and Mickey at Adventurers Outpost, 20 minutes wait with aircon. Faye spent a good 5 minutes with them and I eventually had to drag her away!

You can’t miss it, but check out The Tree of Life. It’s pretty incredible. It’s covered completely in carvings of animals that all blend in to one another. Pretty impressive.


2 thoughts on “Animal Kingdom.

  1. Enjoying your blogging, Sally, though not sure where any of you are getting the energy to do so much Disney every day (showing my age). Cxx

    1. Thank you! I don’t quite know either, I’m waiting for it to all catch up with me, then I’ll need a few days in bed! Best of luck with the bookshop. Hope you’re well! Xx

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