Blizzard Beach.

We’ve had a great second day at Blizzard Beach, one of Disney’s two water parks. We got the water parks included with our tickets. I brought the tickets about three months ago from the Disney website for £248 an adult and £228 a child and these tickets were for 14 days unlimited access to the all the Disney parks and water parks.

We got to the water park at 9am, bang on opening time and went straight in and got a nice spot by Tike’s Peak, which is an area suitable for children under 48″ and Faye loved it. We rented a locker for the day, $13, but you get $5 back when you return the key.

Also on arrival we brought a refillable mug, $10, to share which you can refill yourself at many drink outlets throughout the day.

It was definitely the right idea going early as we had been able to walk straight on most rides before midday. Faye did all the rides she was allowed to do, height wise, and loved it.

Craig is a bit of an adrenaline junkie and wanted to go on the Summit Plummett ride which is literally a vertical drop and he had to queue for an hour and twenty minutes for the three second drop.

There’s plenty of chairs and shaded areas to keep cool and you can reserve private patio areas. There’s still a fair amount of walking to do and lots of stairs to climb.

Foods pretty average, we took some of our own bits. All you can really get is burgers and hot dogs. Craig and I attempted the Sand Pale, which is a $10 bucket full of ice cream, cream, cookies, waffle cone, strawberry sauce and hot fudge sauce, but we were unfortunately defeated.

We left the park around 6pm as a storm was brewing. The park is a ten minute car journey, around $12 in a taxi to our hotel Quality Inn & Suites on Entry Point Blvd.

We had dinner tonight at a buffet restaurant near our hotel called the Golden Corral. It was $14 each, Faye was free (lied about her age again, under 3 go free) it was great and full of people who’d been to Disney. Its an all you can eat type place that serves anything and everything. Faye ate loads and helped herself to three portions of pudding!

Happy Father’s Day!


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