Disney day 1.

We began our Disney journey today starting at the Magic Kingdom. Faye’s Dad Craig has joined us for a bit and he had very long delays yesterday on his flight from England so we had a lay in and got a late shuttle from the hotel over to the park. Our hotel runs a shuttle service five times there and back to the Disney and Universal parks. The shuttle dropped us at Epcot and you use the free Disney transport to get to other parks. Once at Epcot we went to collect our tickets we’d brought online but I’d left the passports at the hotel. You need government approved photo ID for each person and my Oyster card did not suffice (not sure why I had that and not my passport) anyway this involved us getting in a taxi from Epcot to the hotel and then straight to the Magic Kingdom. That cost $40, not as horrifically expensive as I expected, but equally not the best start to the day.

Once in Magic Kingdom we saw Pluto and Marie for autographs. I brought a chocolate Mickey ice lolly but it was so hot it fell right off the stick. Ice creams are just under $4, water $3, but there are water fountains everywhere.

We mainly did Adventureland and Frontierland today as we had a lot of rain and quite a few bits were shut. Faye is hooked on the rollacoasters already and love Splash mountain and Thunder Mountain. If you do Splash Mountain at night you get a great view of the castle lit up. We watched the nighttime parade which was fab and the fireworks. Get there early as it fills up fast! Equally if you want to get on the rides quick go during this time as the queues are only about 10 minutes.

We made the mistake of leaving after the fireworks, don’t, wait around for a while, everything’s still open as the queues for the Monorail and Ferryboat to get back to the car park are pretty big.

11.45pm we arrived back to the hotel. A taxi from Magic Kingdom to the hotel (Quality Inns an Suites, Entry Point Blvd) was $19.


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