Today we went from Philadelphia over to Orlando to begin our Disney section of the trip, with Faye squeaking all the way!

We left our hotel The Cromwell Inn and got the SEPTA Regional Rail train to the airport. This was $6.25 (children go free) as oppose to $40 plus tip in a taxi at rush hour. The regional rail was much better than the underground subway system, much cleaner and friendlier! It took just short of 30 minutes to get to our terminal.

So this was a domestic US flight and security is no way near as strict and you are advised to turn up only one hour before the flight. Well, I went two hours early and only made it to the gate as the plane was starting to board. Getting through security took forever, and I hadn’t checked in online as the system had crashed the night before. I paid $25 to check in my rucksack as you have no baggage allowance on internal flights only one item of hand luggage.

It was actually an advantage having a child getting through security as they had a family line which allowed you to jump the queue – so my advice to get through the queue would be to find a child!

On board the plane it took two hours and we received a drink once we were in the air, FREE OF CHARGE, unlike Ryanair who charge £6 for a coke!

When we arrived in Orlando we got through the airport and got the bags quickly then went downstairs to get our Mears shuttle bus. The shuttle held ten people and we did three drop offs. It cost $21 for a one way trip and I didn’t have to pay for Faye. It took around 45 minutes. Driver was very friendly and helpful. Mears do a variety of bus and taxi services in the area.

We were in our hotel room (Quality Inn & Suites, Kissimmee) to unpack AGAIN, by 2.30pm and headed straight for the pool!


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