The Washington Nationals.

We went to see the Washington Nationals play the New York Mets. Although they got thrashed we had a great time.

I got the tickets from Travelzoo. I use the Travelzoo website in England to purchase trips, holidays and days out and when I was researching for my trip I went on the American version of it and found they were selling baseball tickets at a discounted rate for a variety of games. They also sell a variety of trips and experiences so its worth checking it out. I paid around £30 for both tickets. We were sat reasonably high up but could see perfectly fine.

The gates opened two and a half hours before the game began and there’s lots to do. There’s bars, restaurants, a children’s play park and a couple of shops.

Faye and I both brought Nationals shirts as EVERYONE had them on! What was nice was the amount of choice you have when you buy team shirts. We paid around $28 each for our shirts which I thought was relatively inexpensive. You can buy more expensive jerseys if you wanted but it was nice to have a cheaper alternative which is something I don’t feel you have for English sports.

Having the play park was great as it meant Faye could run round for an hour and let off steam before sitting down to watch the game. There was a member of staff in the park and it is all enclosed with high fencing so I felt comfortable enough to sit down and watch her. They also have a snack stand aimed at children which was good. It sold things like apple slices and cookies. At the game I purchased a bottle of water and a portion of chips which cost $11 – not too horrific for a sports venue. A programme was $5. You are allowed to bring food and drink into the park which enables you to spend less money.

We got to and from the game on the Metro which was very straightforward, although busy which was to be expected. We didn’t get home until 11.30pm but I felt completely safe on the Metro and walking back to the hotel.

The overall atmosphere was brilliant at Nationals park, despite them getting beaten and I’d highly recommend it for an evening out with your children.




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