Cape Cod – Who Knew Ice Cream Came in so Many Flavours!

We have been fortunate enough to spend the last three days in Cape Cod!

When planning mine and Faye’s trip to America my Mum contacted a close friend of hers from high school, Vickie, who lives in the Boston area. Vickie kindly offered to look after us for a few days and show us the sights of Cape Cod. Her main house is in a place called Shrewsbury which is around 45 minutes west of Boston which we came to visit first as her son had his senior prom on Saturday night. We then got up on Sunday morning and drove to her other house in Cape Cod which is just short of two hours.

Unfortunately whilst at the Cape the weather wasn’t the best, however, as we are from England we are somewhat used to wind and rain so we found the mild temperatures quite nice! Vickie’s house is part of a beach association and so they have a private beach, Faye was the only one on the beach to brave the waters and she seemed to enjoy it! Vickie’s husband Mark did some fantastic cooking for us whilst we were there and it was nice to have home cooked comfort food!

Each night we went out for ice cream which was a real treat. In England the choice is mainly Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry, well over here there were hundreds! SO far I’ve sampled, Cake Batter, Chocolate Chip Cookie and Milky Way. You ALSO get a choice of cone or bowl and the cones come in all sorts of flavour. I would advise to buy a ‘small’ as a small is actually huge so i imagine a large is gigantic! I’m glad we were with friends as Vickie had to explain all this to me!

Going to Cape Cod is slightly off the beaten track with backpacking around the USA and we were very lucky to have friends that could take us. I would recommend it to anyone, the area and the people were fantastic.

Faye has unfortunately developed a cold since we’ve been away and luckily we had plenty of Calpol but i forgot to bring cough medicine so i popped to the Chemist to buy some so i would recommend parents to bring medicine as it is always handy.Cape Cod

Cape Cod

Tomorrow morning we are getting the Amtrak to New York so we are turning in early tonight to prepare.


1 thought on “Cape Cod – Who Knew Ice Cream Came in so Many Flavours!

  1. Hi Sally & Faye

    I am enjoying your blog and looking forward to the next instalment. Those ice creams sound great – bring one back for me!

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