We arrived in Boston yesterday afternoon after a 7 hour flight. We flew from London Heathrow to Boston Logan International with Delta Airlines. The flight went smoothly as we both had out own entertainment systems and my daughter Faye said at the end of the flight said she wasn’t ready to get off as her film hasn’t finished! I’d packed loads if snacks and games to keep her occupied but luckily did not need any of it.

On arrival we grabbed our bags and went through customs which is always interesting in the USA. I have been to America before so I was prepared but it is quite a daunting experience if your going through for the first time. This time I was quizzed on why I wanted to be in America for three months, how I could afford it and whether Faye’s father knew I had taken her away!! I felt like saying ‘what business is it of yours’ but he’d probably of put me on the next plane back to England!

Once through we grabbed our bags and were away. We hopped in a cab to our hostel, 40 Berkeley. As you’ll see from our photo (if I manage to upload it successfully) we ‘tried’ to travel light with a large backpack for me and a small one for Faye. I’ve also a pushchair as well, but I imagine that will get thrown away somewhere along the route.

Unfortunately I couldn’t post this yesterday as we both had a wild first night in Boston and were fast asleep by 7.30pm.

I have to go now as Faye needs a wee, apologies, but she needs one every ten minutes – one of the more trying aspects of backpacking with a 3 year-old!



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